Elegant Menus for
Modern Restaurants

A simple, stylish way to showcase your food

TapTapOrder on iPhone

We know excellence is paramount in the restaurant experience, so we worked with world-class experts to deliver a beautifully rich and elegant digital menu on the best platform available, Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Let our experts walk you through how to leverage technology to create an unparalleled dining experience

Tap Tap Order

is an iPad application which leverages the world’s hottest brand, Apple Inc., to attract more customers and brings more efficiency to the restaurant environment. By utilizing technology and putting the power of decision in the consumers hands, restaurant owners can expect to reduce manpower to free up staff and do other functions which enhance business activities, like customer service. In addition, consumers can post their message on Facebook, which provides a personal referral to their friends and family and incidental advertising for the restaurant. TapTapOrder is a fine piece of software provided by Cradle


Photos of delicious entrées speak a thousand words – and allow your customer to quickly identify menu choices. In a clean and crisp design layout, customers now have access to an array of information about each item through tabs that detail each item’s description, nutritional information, reviews, etc. Utilizing the power of TapTapOrder’s iPad app customers can search menu items by keyword or through dynamic category choices.


We decided to integrate the world’s most powerful social media website, Facebook, with TapTapOrder’s iPad app to leverage crowd sourcing, allowing customers to personally refer their friends and family to restaurants. Imagine allowing your customers the convenience to check-in, like, review, or just invite their friends to join them for a night out at your restaurant. We know you will increase customer loyalty and branding, so keep a couple extra chairs around for your customer’s friends to drop in!


Timing is of the essence. Nothing kills customer service like when a customer has to wait – especially if they want to order another drink, appetizer, coffee, or dessert. Our app allows customers to order when they are ready, providing additional customer service and personal interaction when desired. Once wait time is reduced, restaurants can expect to service more customers in a given time interval, which increases sales and allows the restaurant to meet growing demand.


With everything becoming digital, we designed our iPad application from the ground up to maximize profits for restaurants while helping customers make more informed decisions. Data collected by TapTapOrder can be analyzed to gage performance and efficiency of promotions, demand, as well as generating ways to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Administration - Stress-free Menu Updates

We provide restaurants with an easy to follow, do-it-yourself, web interface to update menu changes instantaneously, from anywhere in the world. Real-time food orders can also be monitored remotely. These changes can be daily specials, price changes, or removing food items that are out of stock. If you need help with anything, call us 24/7 for personal assistance.

Customization - Branding Your Menu

Want to change the design layout look, menu color, or add something unique? We can do that. Our team is comprised of programmers, graphic designers, strategic business consultants, and restaurant industry professionals who can bring your ideas to life – far beyond the printed menu.